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When you hire my firm to work for you, you get a seasoned professional with highly effective negotiating skills.  A keen ear and sharp eye help keep you safe from undesirable outcomes.


My firm handles matrimonial matters ranging from the very simple to the profoundly complex.  I personally have worked on interstate family issues for clients from Florida, New Mexico, Georgia, North Carolina and New Jersery.

We know how to assist people dealing with stressful separations and divorces, and we provide targeted advice on such matters as custody, visitation, child support and maintainence.


Navigating legal matters within the New York State court system can be overwhelming for an individual.  However, my firm can take you through your journey with compassion, understanding and efficient legal representation.

Buying and selling real estate can be daunting.  Maybe it's your first home, and no one has given you a roadmap.  My firm will take you step by step through the process with a minimum of anxiety and fuss while scrupulously guarding your rights.


About me: I'm a graduate of Brooklyn Law School who interned at the U.S. Eastern District Court of New York under the Honorable Shira Scheindlin, now a federal judge for the Southern District of New York.

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